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Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Department's Achievement

Research Paper Published:

Paper Title Author Name Publication Year
Review Paper on Microstrip Slot antenna using SIW structureDr.Rahul Gedam2019
Wide-Band Microstrip Slot antenna using SIW structure For Ku-Band ApplicationDr.Rahul Gedam2019
A Review paper on analysis and Extraction of Geographic Information From Satellite ImageDr.Rahul Gedam2019
Novel GIS tool for the analysis and extraction of geographic information from noisy satellite imageDr.Rahul Gedam2019
An implementation of eyeball detection based wheelchair control using Matlab and arduino platform for a physically disabled personDr.Rahul Gedam2017
A review on eyeball detection based wheelchair control using Mat lab and arduino platform for a physically disabled personDr.Rahul Gedam2017
BER performance of WIMAX system using Discrete cosine transformDr.Rahul Gedam2017
A comprehensive study of Wimax systemDr.Rahul Gedam2017
Design of high speed AHB memory controller with VerilogDr.Rahul Gedam2017
Spectrum sensing Framework in Cognitive radio using GA and Grey wolf OptimizationDr.Rahul Gedam2016
Spectrum sensing techniques-A surveyDr.Rahul Gedam2016
MIMO OFDM Implementation in Cognitive ScenarioDr.Rahul Gedam2016
Cognitive radio with multimode interleaver: A reviewDr.Rahul Gedam2015
Weighted random pattern generator by using BISTDr.Rahul Gedam2015
VLSI implementation of high speed 16-bit adder for image processing applicationDr.Rahul Gedam2015
Data security by using encryption algorithm (TTJSA) and QR codeDr.Rahul Gedam2015
Data protection by multilevel encryption algorithm(TTJSADr.Rahul Gedam2014
A survey of side-lobe suppression method for cognitive radio applicationDr.Rahul Gedam2014
Side-lobe suppression methods for cognitive radio applicationDr.Rahul Gedam2014
Histogram based color image authentication by digital image watermark techniqueDr.Rahul Gedam2013
Simulation model of OFDM for estimation of BER and SNRDr.Rahul Gedam2013
VHDL implementation of reconfigurable multimode block interleaver for OFDM based WLANDr.Rahul Gedam2012
Video based face recognition approachDr.Rahul Gedam2012
Comparision of a 8bit Multiplier with look ahed carry adder and simpleMr. Nilesh Tamboli2009
A GUI model of water marked image removal of gaussian noise usingMs. Komal Tiwari2019
A review on GUI Model of water marked image embeded by LSB Technique and removal of Gaussian Noise DWTMs. Komal Tiwari2018

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